Rhododendron spinuliferum var. spinuliferum

Up to a few meters high, straggly, evergreen shrub. Probably not hardy in our garden. Young shoots greenish and hairy. Petiole lepidote, puberulent, with tapering, flat and curly marginal hairs, to 7 mm. Leaf blade elliptic to oblanceolate, with marginal hairs, bullate reticulate, papery, to 9 cm. Apex acuminate, acute or acuite-obtuse with mucro. Leaf base acute. Leaf upper side green, with fine hairs along the mid-rib, lepidote with scattered tiny scales, 130 micrs., 3-5 x their diam. apart. Leaf lower side green, with raised, hairy nerves, ledidote with scales 140-240 micrs, 1-3 x their diam. apart. Inflorescence an umbel with a few (to 4) flowers. Pedicel lepidote and densely hairy, c. 10 mm. Calyx rimlike, densely hairy, small (3-4 mm in diam). Corolla with 5 lobes, tubular vase-shaped, upright, red-coloured, 16 mm (only seen dried). Stamens 10. Style glabrous, extending from the corolla. Capsule barrel-shaped, densely puberulent and lepidote, with 5 loculi, 8 mm. Seeds without wings and with tiny floating sacs, 100-120 micrs. Loc ality of origin FB1-2018: Xichang county, Sichuan, China, 2400m. Occurrence: Sichuan, Yunnan, 1700-2600 m (Fang 1986, Sichuan Rh. China).