Rhododendron yunnanense FB24-2013 'Gesala'

Description with 19 photos. Photo: Finn Bertelsen. Open and erect evergreen shrub, a few m high. Some protection is needed. Young shoots greenish, slightly scaly. Leaves dark green, papery, variable in outline from lancet, oblong, elliptic to obovate, to 6-7 cm. Young leaves hispid with bristles along margins and adaxial surfaces. Petiole slightly lepidote, to 8 mm. Apex acute to obtuse acute, with mucro. Leaf base rounded cuneate to cuneate. Leaf upper side with scattered scales, 120-165 micrs., with or without bristles. Leaf lower side greyish green, scattered lepidote. Scales 140-200 micrs., 2-5 x their diam. apart. Inflorescense umbel-like, with 2 to 6 flowers. Pedicel slightly lepidote, reddish, 12-15 mm. Calyx cup-shaped with undulate, 5 lobed rim, < 1mm. Corolla 5 lobed, zygomorphic, broadly funnel-shaped, internally glabrous except of a pubescent area along the the blotch area, externally slightly micro papillate, white with a purple blush, wine-red spotted, c. 50 mm wide, c. 15 mm deep (long). Ovary cone-shaped, dark green, densely scaly, with 5 locules, to 5 mm. Stamens 10, unequal in length, the longest protruding from corolla, the upper ones proximally pubescent, the remaining glabrous. Style glabrous, straight, colourless, to 40 mm, with upward bend stigma, purple-red, bullate, 1.45 mm in diam. Capsule cylindrical, scaly with scales depressed, to 10-15 mm. Seeds wing-less, with small floating sacs, 1.5-1.8 mm. Locality of origin: Gesala, Yanbian County, Sichuan, China at 3250 m. Occurrence (the species): W. Guizhou, S. Shaanxi, W. Sichuan, Xizang, Yunnan, (Myanmar)at (1600)-2200-3600-(4000) m according to Flora of China. Remarks: The above description is valid for the actual clone only. The species is rather variable as regards to durability and elaboration of foliage and to flowers.