Rhododendron yuefengense

Description with 16 photos. Photo: Finn Bertelsen. Evergreen, low and spreading shrub. Flowering from young age. Hardy. Young shoots glabrous. Petiole broad, rounded triangular in cross-section to slightly winged near leaf base, yellowish green, to 33 x 7 mm. Leaf blade broadly elliptic to almost circular, leathery, to 12 x 8 cm. Apex rounded with tiny mucro. Leaf base obtuse, rounded or subcordate. Leaf upper side glabrous, bluish green in opening phase, later green with yellowish midrib. Leaf lower side glabrous, light grey green. Inflorescence an umbel-like raceme with 10+ flowers. Rachis c. 35 mm. Pedicel scattered glandular hairy, to 40 mm. Calyx rim-like with wawy border, densely stipitate glandular, c. 2 mm. Corolla with 7 lobes, widely campanulate, white flushed pink, c. 45 mm wide, c. 25-30 mm deep (long). Ovary channeled , densily short stipitate glandular, with 8 – 10 loculi, 4 – 5 mm. Stamens 10 – 12, unequal in lenght, with diminutive, proximal hairs, otherwise glabrous. Style stipitate glandular, to 15 mm, with green turbinate stigma, 2.8 mm. Capsule channeled, densely glandular. Seeds unknown. Locality of origin: Unknown. Seeds from Cox, Glendoick No RFG 224-13. Occurrence: Guangxi, China, according to Flora of China. Remarks: The filaments of the above described specimen are not completely glabrous. Some minute hairs occuir on the proximal parts, but they are observable in the microscope only. It is obvious to describe the species as just a variety of Rh. platypodum, comparing with notes of FoC.