Rhododendron makinoi

A medium-sized, round, dense shrub with fair hardiness. Branchlets tomentose, with persistent perulae. Leaves of varying width, lanceolate and revolute. Leaf upper side at first with whitish tomentum, later glabrous. Leaf lower side covered by a whitish to tawny, wooly and fine fibred (10 micrs. or less in diam.) indumentum overlaying a dense, whitish inner layer. With scattered, dark glandular hairs, especially along the mid-rib – also found at the petiole. With moderate mucron or just a thickened leaf margin at apex. Pedicel and calyx glandular hairy. Corolla funnel-campanulate, rose to whitish, with 5 lobes. Ovary densely hairy with bristly hairs and glandular hairs. Stamens 10, proximally pubescent. Style glabrous, with yellowish, upturning stigma. Capsule 10 – 12 mm, densely hairy. Seeds 1.8 – 2.3 mm., with well-developed floating sacs. Occurrence: Honshu, Japan according to Pearson, R., 1978, J.Am.Rho.Soc., V. 32,2.