Rh. keiskei var. keiskei

A relatively low, evergreen shrub. Fully hardy in the garden. Leaves elliptic to lanceolate, distally pointed or rounded, proximally rounded with slightly winged petioles, slightly aromatic. Leaf upper surface with scattered scales, with fine hairs along the mid vein, otherwise with some rare, scattered hairs. Leaf lower side lepidote with dark, brownish scales, frequently placed 1 x their diameter apart from each other. With mucro. The ‘wings’ of the petiole with setae. Flower bud broad spindle-shaped, with dark scale spots on the cover scales. Pedicel and calyx with colourless scales. Calyx small with tiny, broadly rounded lobes. Corolla widely funnel-shaped, pale yellow, with a few external scales. Sparse, brown-yellow spots on the inside. Ovary ovoid, densely covered by colourless scales. Stamens, 10 of unequal lengths, the lower one reaching farthest out. Style with proximal, fine colourless bristles, otherwise glabrous, with slightly expanded outer end. Stigma turning upwards, yellowish coloured. Style and stamens protrude beyond the mouth of corolla. Capsule ovoid, lepidote. Seeds 1,1 – 1,2 mm long, with small floating sacs. Occurrence of var. keiskei: Japan, S Honshu to Kyushu, according to Pearson, R., 1978. Jour. Am. Rh. Soc., Vol. 32,2.