Rhododendron intricatum

A low compact and twiggy shrub. Young shoots brownish, lepidote. Petiole densely scaly, 1.4 mm. Leaf blade elliptic to ovoid, leathery, aromatic, 7-10 mm. Apex acute obtuse, with minor mucro. Leaf base rounded cuneate. Leaf upper side grey green silvery, densely covered by overlapping colorless to light golden scales. Leaf lower side light grey green, densely lepidote by touching to overlapping, white yellow scales, 120-230 micrs. in diam. Inflorescence an umbel like raceme with up to at least 5 flowers. Leaf bud widely ovoid, red to ruby. Pedicel densely scaly, 1.4-3.3 mm. Calyx with 5 lobes. Lobes rounded triangular, in part ciliate, lepidote, 0.8-1.2 mm. Corolla tubular-funnel shaped, with 5 lobes, light purple. Ovary ovoid, lepidote and puberulent, a few mm long. Stamens 10, restricted to corolla tube. Style glabrous, straight, short and thick, 1.4 mm, “hidden” in the corolla tube. Capsule ovoid, lepidote and puberulent, to 3.8 x 2.4 mm. Seeds with diminutive wings and floating sacs, 0.8-1.1 mm. Locality of origin (FB11-2018): Changhaizi, Muli County, Sichuan, 3700 m. Occurrence: C and W Sichuan, N Yunnan at (2800-)3500-4500(-5000) m according to Flora of China