Rhododendron groenlandicum

Description with 12 photos. Photo: Finn Bertelsen. A low and open, evergreen shrub. Hardy. Young shoots scattered hairy and scaly. Hairs brownish and soft, scales dark and light coloured. Petiole scattered hairy and scaly, to 3 mm. Leaf blade narrow ovate, with revolute margins, coriaceous, to 24 mm. Leaf apex acute-obtuse, without mucro. Leaf base rounded. Leaf adaxial side dark green, rugose, with scattered soft bristles and tiny, light scales. Scales 4-10 x their diam. apart, 60 micrs. Leaf abaxial side grey green, scattered scaly, scales 2-5 x their diam. apart, 70 micrs. partly hidden by a rufous indumentum of long, tangled hairs. Most hairs arise from the midrib and the leaf margin. Inflorescence semi-globular, many-flowered. Corolla with 5-6 (7) lobes, rotate, white. Native habitat: Northern part of North America and in Greenland, at 0-2000 m, according to Flora of North America efloras org.