Rhododendron faberi

Description with 22 photos. Photo: Finn Bertelsen. An open, round, later erect, several meters high, evergreen shrub. Hardy. Young shoots greyish tomentose. Petiole with greyish brown tomentum of ramiform hairs and scattered glandular hairs, to 28 mm. Leaf blade oblong obovate, or rarely oblong elliptic, elliptic, lancet, leathery, to 14 cm. Leaf apex acuminate, with mucro. Leaf base subcordate, truncate or obtuse. Leaf adaxial side mat green, glabrous. Leaf abaxial side dark beige, with bistrate indumentum. Upper layer thin, felty, made up of ramiform hairs, glandular along the midrib. Lower layer very thin, whitish. Inflorescence unknown. Clayx with oblong ovate lobes, glandular, to 8 mm. Ovary glandular, with 6-7 loculi. Style glandular in lower part. Capsule densely stipitate glandular, to 15 mm. Seeds with floating appendages and wings, 1.9 – 3.1 mm. Native habitat restricted to Emei Shan and Wawu Shan, Sichuan, China. Remarks: We collected seeds of the species close to the summit of Emei Shan 2012. The resulting plants have not yet been flowering, but they have obtained 100% indumentum covering on many leaves (February 2021).