Rhododendron concinnum ssp. gonggaense

A dense branched, in time a few meters high, evergreen shrub. Fully hardy. Young shoots reddish brown, lepidote. Petiole densely scaly, with fine hairs in the midgroove, 5-10 mm. Leaf blade ovoid-lancet, aromatic, to 8 cm. Apex acuminate, with mucro. Leaf base rounded. Leaf upper side green, lepidote with scales 1-3 their diam. apart (scales c. 100 micrs.), and with midrib slightly hairy or not. Leaf lower side brownish-greyish green, densely scaly with golden brown, unequal scales, 0-1 x their diameter apart (scales 120-295 micrs.). Inflorescence a semi umbel with 2-5 flowers, from terminal or subterminal buds. Pedicel lepidote, c. 10 mm. Calyx with 5 rounded lobes, lepidote, c. 3 mm. Corolla widely funnel-shaped, with 5 rounded, triangular lobes, zygomorphic, externally sligtly lepidote and hairy, with internal hairs in the throat, greenish yellow with green spotting, 45 mm wide, 15 mm deep. Ovary channeled conical, densely scaly, with 5 locules, c. 4.5 mm. Stamens 10, unequal in length, pubescent at base. Style glabrous, longer than stamens, 25-30 mm, greenish, with upward bend, turbinate and bullate, dark purple stigma, 1.9 mm. Capsule slightly conical, densely scaly, 9-10 mm. Seeds 0.8-0.9 mm, without wings and with tiny floating sacs.Locality of origin (FB8-2012): Hailougou glacier area, Sichuan, China, 3530m. Remarks: Originally described by H. Eiberg in 2008, as an intermediate form between the ambiguum and concinnum  species cf. http://www.rhododendron.dk/gonggaense.html.