Rhododendron chrysodoron

Erect, but low, evergreen shrub. Hardiness unknown. Young shoots light greenish, later brownish, scaly and setose. Leaves shiny, dark green, non-aromatic, elliptic to obovate, to 43 x 21 mm. Petiole scaly and setose, to 15 mm. Apex rounded, with mucro. Leaf base rounded to rounded cuneate. Leaf upper side with scattered bristles near base and along leaf margin (young leaves), without scales? Leaf lower side light glaucous, with some bristles near base, with scattered, unequal, brown scales, 90 – 180 micrs., sunk in pits, 1-3 x their diam. apart. On juvenile leaves the scales are transparent and vesicular. The reproductive organs will be described later. Locality of origin: Dulong, Gongshan County, NW Yunnan, China at 3100 m. Remarks: The leaves of the actual specimen are smaller than stated in Flora of China, but the distribution of scales corresponds (1-2 x diam.) and is the main reason for the proposed identification. Rh. sulfureum differs by having more dense scales (0.5 x diam.), but is comparable by its ciliate young leaves. Rh. leucaspis and Rh. megeratum have more dense scales too (0.5 – 1 x diam.), but they both match as regards to leaf size and shape.